the advantage of a personalized practice

Traditionally, hatha yoga was a practice taught by a teacher to a single student. The value of this approach is that the sequence, meditation, and breath work is personalized to each individual student. The path for each student is decided through conversations with the teacher.

The approach

Students will meet one-on-one with the Kate — at no cost for the first session — to establish a clear understanding of the student's physical abilities, experience level and goals for their practice. This session is also an opportunity for the student to get to know Kate and determine if her style is compatible with their personality.

Future sessions take place in a private studio, each session building on the last to help students increase their comfort and confidence with each pose, pranayama (breath control) and meditation.

While regular practice leads to physical and mental benefits, students may choose the frequency of their one-on-one sessions, and may choose to combine them with group classes led by Kate or other teachers in the community.

Getting started

If you're interested in this approach to practice, use the contact form to schedule your first one-on-one session with Kate.