about us

santosha = contentment

Santosha means “contentment” in Sanskrit, the language of yoga. It is the peace you feel in your heart when you've eaten a meal you really love or when you're snuggling your child. It's the "ahhhh" in life.

In a society that is constantly asking you to change — be better, be thinner, be more clever, be more extroverted — it seems crazy to shut all that out and be content with the you that you already are. But, that's what yoga calls us to do. Sweet Santosha Yoga + Meditation is all about helping people find contentment in the body, mind, soul they have right now through yoga, breath work, and meditation.


Kate Blystone | Teacher

Kate took her first yoga class in 2010. Since then, she's struggled, stretched and grown through class after class, and found herself in her practice. No, she's not 100% content, but she's never more content than when she is laying in savasana after a practice or at the close of a meditation.

Now she teaches yoga, breath work and meditation to help people find sweet santosha in their lives. Whether it's in a one-on-one session, focused solely on your individual needs, or a group class, Kate's goal is to help her students find contentment in their bodies, in their hearts, in their minds.